The Real Camera Application

Lumio Cam is a full featured camera application inspired by real photo cameras and made by enthusiastic photographers to combine the look and functions of professional DSLR cameras with the latest technology of smartphones.

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Easy yet professional

Lumio Cam covers the range from beginners to professional photographers. Ideal tool to capture photos and videos for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and other social media sites.

DSLR Look&Feel

Lumio Cam mimics the interface of a real photo camera with its buttons and wheels.

Manual Controls

Full Manual Camera Controls including Focus, Exposure Time, ISO and RAW(DNG) support.

Record Videos in 4K

Lumio Cam helps you to record great video clips even in 4K resolution.

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Android Wear Support

Take photos remotely from Smartwatch

Lumio Cam helps you to capture photos and videos remotely from your Smartwatch.

Live preview image is available via Bluetooth link, just like flash or drive mode settings. Starting Lumio Cam on your Android Wear Watch will launch Lumio Cam on your phone automatically.


DSLR-like Interface

Gives you all the controls at fingertip

You can use Lumio Cam just like a real photo camera. The user interface is optimized to be used even in direct sunlight.

Record Great Videos

Lumio Cam can record videos in HD, Full HD or even in 4K! It supports manual controls, so you are be able to adjust focus, iso and shutter time during the video capture. Bitrate and Frame Rate are also adjustable. By using flat profile type you get better dynamic range for post production.


Total Camera Experience

Lumio Cam gives you a total solution for your photo and video needs. Besides the clean and intuitive User Interface, you can also find detailed settings to fine-tune Lumio Cam for your needs.

Main Features

❱ Digital Horizon Level display
❱ Grid Display (Rule of Thirds, Center Cross, Combined)
❱ Perfect Framing™ technology to take better photos by using visual templates
❱ Takes perfect selfies in high resolution with effects
❱ Tap to Focus (with focus-lock)
❱ Manual Focus in Pro Mode
❱ Manual Exposure (ISO, Shutter speed) in Pro Mode
❱ Pinch to Zoom
❱ Image Effects

Camera Features

❱ High resolution images
❱ Selectable JPG quality
❱ RAW (DNG) support in Pro Mode
❱ Scene, Contrast, Metering and ISO settings
❱ Flash, White Balance, Focus Mode settings
❱ Drive modes: Single Shot, Multi Shot, 5 sec Timer, 10 sec Timer
❱ High resolution HD, Full HD, 4K/UHD (4K is supported on selected models) videos
❱ Adjustable Video Bitrate from 15 Mbps up to 200 Mbps
❱ Adjustable Frame Rate (24fps, 30fps)
❱ Exposure Compensation

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Knowledge Base

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any limitation or ads in the free version?

There is no advertisements in Lumio Cam. In Trial mode Lumio Cam can record short video clips only (30 sec), otherwise it is fully functional, you can use all the features including the "Pro Mode" (if supported by your device).

I cound not find "Pro Mode" under Settings/General.

Your device probably does not support camera2 API, which should be implemented by the manufacturer of the phone/tablet. Without this new camera API manual functions are not accessable.

How can I change the exposure manually in "Pro Mode"?

In "Pro Mode" you can change between auto and manual exposure mode with a single tap/click on the exposure wheel on the top-right corner. In manual exposure mode ISO and Shutter sliders are displayed in the viewfinder.

Where can I find the RAW (DNG) file saving option?

After selecting the "Pro Mode", please go to the "Camera Settings" tab and select "RAW" or "RAW + JPG" mode from file format row.

I could switch to "Pro Mode", but I can not find "RAW" settings.

Your device probably does not support camera2 API, which should be implemented by the manufacturer of the phone/tablet.

What does "Forced 4K" resoultion mean in video settings?

"Forced 4K" setting means that 4K/UHD resolution is officially not supported on your device, but Lumio Cam might able to use it. On some devices this enables the 4K video recording, while on other devices might not work.


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In Trial mode Lumio Cam can record short video clips only (30 sec), otherwise it is fully functional. If you like Lumio Cam, please consider to support our work by purchasing the full version. Thanks.

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